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If you’re following the latest food forecasts, you’ll know that plant-based diets will be huge in 2018.

Americans, however, will consume a record amount of meat in 2018: an average of 222.2 pounds of red meat and poultry per person, according to Bloomberg. Meat is cheap (especially because producers are raising more animals), and high-protein diets remain popular.

Also at a new high are the number of superior butcher shops that double as restaurants. Across the country, meat-oriented chefs are fronting places that cater to the demand for aged cuts, expertly made sausages, and cured meats. These spots offer pasture-raised, humanely treated beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, as well as less common choices such as goat, venison, and game birds.

Rib roasts in Connecticut, all-natural beef on the Upper West Side, a whole-animal butchery in Austin—these are among the places to go for meat in 2018.

Bloomberg By Kate Krader



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